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Protect your business and assets with a custom security camera installation. You can even monitor your cameras remotely using web and smartphone apps!

Security cameras are an unfortunate necessity in this modern world. Fortunately, they don’t have to be difficult to use or maintain anymore.


Alliance can install any sort of security camera system to match your needs, whether it be a simple camera in your home to keep tabs on your pets while you are at work, a massive 100 camera system for an entire building, or anything in between.


The ideal security camera system will let you communicate with your cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect to your security camera through local wifi, through the internet from a PC anywhere in the world, or even from your cell phone!


Most sorts of security camera systems are useless without a means to record and call up the video later. Fortunately, technology has moved well beyond the need for clumsy video tapes – modern security camera systems use DVR technology to record video digitally, so it can be saved and copied onto a PC. At that point, it’s as simple to share with others as any other video file.


Set your cameras to start and stop recording at specific times, or offload recordings of specific times to a PC or backup system.

Motion/Light Sensing

Modern cameras can be equipped with motion sensors for very little additional cost – and can be set to only start recording when the sensors are tripped, or to turn on the lights, or both!