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Point of Sale Systems

Our fully customizable Point of Sale Systems have every tool you need to run the business you want.

Alliance Business Technologies - Point of Sale System

Point of Sale Systems

Our all-in-one POS platform brings added value to your business, from generating more revenue, to improving efficiencies, to delighting your customers.

Works For Every Business

Whether running a retail business or a Quick Service Restaurant, our point of sale system has all the features you need to efficiently run your business.

Real-Time Business Insights

Our reporting suite gathers data from every transaction, organizing it into detailed reports to help you analyze and optimize your business performance.

Best in Class Security

PCI-compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2PE) payments, and rich user access controls ensure that your customers' data is always protected.

Easy to Use iOS Interface

Our iPad based technology makes it easy to train staff and provide a seamless front-end experience for your customers.

You Have Full Control

Manage your inventory, employees, and customer relationships, more efficiently from a POS platform tailored to your needs.

Does it integrate with Intuit QuickBooks?

Yes. Our Point of Sale System offers the most sophisticated QuickBooks integration than any other POS on the market. Our integration allows users to automatically export their data into the QuickBooks platform, making it faster and easier to keep track of important business data.

Will it work with my payment processor?

Yes. It works with 95% of payment processors through the USAePay gateway. We also work with a number of other gateways throughout the world, including FreedomPay and First-Data.

Does it work with PayPal?

Yes. It has integrated with PayPal to provide business owners multiple options for their POS system. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device and in store.

What if my network goes down?

Our 24/7 support team can troubleshoot any networking issues. Our Always On Mode allows you to continue to process orders and maintain use of the devices on your local network even if you lost internet connection or encounter a power outage.

What is Always On Mode?

Even when your Internet goes down, your Point of Sale System will still be able to communicate with all devices and POS stations on your local network. All functions can still be performed during Internet slow-down or a power outage, including processing transactions.

Does it support payroll?

Yes. It offers payroll, scheduling, labor cost analysis and employee profit reporting directly through the Point of Sale Dashboard.

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