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Managed IT Services

As a business owner, you want to know your server, network, and all related IT equipment are running properly at all times. Alliance is here to make sure that happens.

What is Managed IT Services?

Sounds like just a buzzword, right? Well, it’s a bit more than that. But before we can talk about what it is, we have to talk about what it is not.

Traditional IT services worked one of two ways – either you had a dedicated IT staff onsite at all times, or you waited until something broke and called in a service person to fix it. The former is more reliable but can be prohibitively expensive for a small business and are typically only seen with medium to large businesses with hundreds of employees.

The only option for small businesses? Unfortunately, traditional break/fix services are necessarily reactive and can leave your system down at random times with no warning, sometimes for days. What’s more, these systems would be cobbled together over time, with new equipment added on irregularly (and usually only when they could no longer be done without or when something else failed). This made them more difficult to service - every time a new technician came in, the layout would be even more different and complicated, making new problems more common and harder to solve.

As time went on, however, professional support personnel developed new and more effective techniques to manage and track customer hardware and software remotely over time. These tools have evolved into what is now known as Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services are a better way. A middle ground, as it were – a tradeoff between the expensive extreme of a full-time IT staff and the time consuming inconvenience of having a new service technician re-learn your network setup every time something goes wrong. Managed Services offer a support plan that takes into account future growth, and track the health and function of your hardware and software in real time.

The IT Umbrella is expanding. Technology is growing, and many business necessities in today’s connected world are rapidly being folded under the IT umbrella, such as security cameras, telephone systems, and credit card processing.
What does Managed IT actually do?

Managed IT Services give you the capability of having advanced monitoring on your workstations and networks to help prevent problems from arising, or to alert our technicians to prevent problems from becoming bigger.

24/7/365 Workstation/Server Monitoring

Low impact software runs regular checks on workstation hardware, allowing us to catch small problems before they become large problems. Monitoring agents notify us the moment issues arise.

Managed Antivirus Protection - Tired of ‘Total Antivirus Solutions’ that take over the entire computer and slow it to a crawl? You need antivirus protection that doesn’t keep your employees from getting their work done. Reliable, fast, and powerful, based on award winning antivirus solutions.

Remote Remedy Solutions - You don’t have time to have your employees stop working because of some minor configuration error. Our technicians can remotely access your workstations to fix some problems instantly.

Asset Tracking - Your computer hardware can be some of your most valuable assets. Allow us to keep track of it all, with complete software and hardware audits that allow you to understand your existing systems and plan for future upgrades.

Weekly Health Status Reporting - Get regular status reports on your servers and workstations. Reports are fully customizable and can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly, with whatever level of detail you find useful.

Managed Automated Backups

Prevention Is Worth Its Weight In Gold. 90% of businesses that suffer total data loss go out of business within six months.

No Hardware To Buy – All backups are handled through the network to secure, offsite storage. There’s no need to purchase or maintain new server hardware.

Backups Run On Your Schedule – Backups can be set to run overnight, so even very large data backups won’t interfere with your business.

Data Center Duplication – We know the importance of proper backups. Your backups are duplicated on redundant servers, to reduce risk of loss and speed up the recovery process.

Hosted Email Exchange

Secure Exchange Hosting gives you fast and reliable email to your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Let us do the work of keeping the mail running so you can worry about running your business.

Spam Filter - Spam isn’t just a productivity drain – nowadays, it’s a huge security risk, with security firms estimating that 80% of spam comes with viruses. Block up to 99% of spam and email viruses while keeping your inboxes clean and your network safe.