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Why I Didn't Get the Latest Windows Update When it First Came Out

   By: Denny Michel on October 3rd, 2017

Microsoft has changed its strategy regarding updates and upgrades to its latest Windows operating system.  

Previously, Microsoft's strategy was to push out an upgrade as soon as it was deemed ready.  Often, the results would be mixed as some users would have no issues, while others ran into compatibility issues with existing software, printers and website connectivity.  The resulting complaints and time spent trying to get customer computer working again has made Microsoft rethink the procedure for releasing upgrades.

Beginning with the Creators Update, Microsoft is now being more deliberate in the release of upgrade packages. It was initially rolled out in April of 2017 but it was not released to everyone.  Microsoft has been very deliberate in the process and are only proceeding “as fast as is safe” according to people involved in the Windows Update infrastructure

Some computers received the update in April while others received the update later.  Some were receiving the update in August.  Mine was one of them.  This is by design.  According to Microsoft, there are too many variables to hardware and software configurations to test all of them before a release.  By releasing the updates to smaller samples at a time, the hope is that should an issue arise with compatibility, it will affect less users.  A patch can be developed and issued with subsequent releases.

The hope with this strategy is that updates will be less problematic for the majority of users because they will be getting later, tested versions.  And, with two updates a year to Windows as planned by Microsoft, that is a good thing.

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